Without the program I would have been in a lot of gang violence, and I would have straight F’s. I’m just glad the program is here because it keeps me away from bad things and closer to friends.
Marcos V., age 15

KYDS helps me complete my homework, and keeps me from stepping back into bad habits like before. If KYDS weren’t here I would be wandering the streets, being in danger with awkward people who could do bad things to me.
Abrahm H., age 12

Without KYDS I wouldn’t care as much about coming to school, and I wouldn’t be able to participate in the programs which have helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have met my best friends so that’s what I think about KYDS. I love it!
Ashley T., age 13

“My dad has type 2 diabetes and what I’ve brought home from SOSMentor [community partner providing nutrition clubs] , I told him to stop drinking so much coke and read the label so he can learn more about what he is drinking. Now we drink less soda. As my parents have always said, they want to have a longer life to see us grow, so if they want that, I want that for them. Thank you for showing us about the sugar and how to read a  food label, I never knew that until I learned it!”
Jorge, age 10

“Three reasons why I like staying after school is because people help me with homework and they’re never too busy. Second reason, is because we do fun educational things and not just sit around. The third reason is that we make a lot of friends rather than staying at home.”
Amanda J., age 10

“I like KYDS because when I come the teachers make me feel welcomed, they help me with my homework and they explain whatever I don’t understand. When we have a problem in school or in doing our homework they encourage us to do it, or tell them our problem so that they can help. I like staying because they offer us many activities to choose from like: Martial Arts, computers, cooking, science, arts and crafts and much more.”
Sergio Z., age 11

“I like staying after school because I get help with my homework, I get to learn extra things in classes and finally because snack is delicious. In my classes I learn how to do sculpting and arts and crafts. I get help with my homework and got and got straight A’s. I have improved in school.”
Mayra N., age 9

Make a Donation

Financial contributions, donations or professional services, new goods and certain lightly used items are gratefully accepted! We have children on waiting lists for many of our programs. A gift of only $900 allows one child to participate in KYDS after school programs everyday for an entire school year!