The positive impact of KYDS programming and services are widely appreciated by schools and families alike. Tangible results are seen in student attendance, testing, and academic performance. Students who attend KYDS programming consistently:

  • Attended school at a rate 7 times greater than non-attending students.
  • Were redesignated as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) at a rate 3.3% times greater than non-attending students.
  • Exceeded the standard on the CAASPP (Standard Math Exam) at a rate 2.5% times greater than non-attending students.
  • Earned 5.6% more credits attempted than non-attending students.

When considering how challenging it can be for students to improve in these areas, the KYDS program stands out as a not only a safe haven for students, but an opportunity for students to achieve. Our impact in the community is a testament to our mission, when empowering students to maximize their potential amazing results are seen across all aspects of life.  When students succeed, the community succeeds.