Hook me Up Here I was lucky enough to have a friend who actually knew Oliver Stone and obtained his phone number. Next, I asked the movie man, “What would you say if I told you I had Oliver Stone’s private number and called him?” Not only did I get a “go ahead,” but also he verified the telephone number. I did call the number given to me and it took a day before Stone called me back, but was very enthusiastic about the production of Escobar.

Were very excited to be a curator partner with MusicTogether, Tammy Frick, associate executive director of CION, said in a release. Only does this project provide direct support for these artists, but also helps promote and create new audiences for some of the great talent that we have here in the North. Has been accepting submissions since the beginning of April from musicians from across Ontario to take part in this streaming concert series..

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The strength and conditioning coaches have put together videos so players can stay active at home. They’ve provided bands, weight vests and other pieces of equipment for guys who don’t have personal in home gyms. Members of the player development staff continue to hold Zoom sessions that feature ball handling and other drills..

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There is nothing difficult about it. You just need to predict how many goals the teams will score. The common total for the whole match is 2.5.. But honestly, I don think it as cool to us as it is to some of our buddies or some guys that play more of it than we do. They thought, when we first entered the league, crazy is it that you in a video game? remember actually, when I played in London, junior teams were on the video game. My buddies back then thought that was so cool https://www.wholesalejerseysweb.com that I was on NHL 16 or NHL 17 or whatever it was, playing for London.

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