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He a good player but very small even for high school so I not on his bandwagon for the NFL. Best RB I seen in High School is Zach Evans from North Shore high school graduating this year. You will probably never hear about him because his bad attitude almost matches his unbelievable athletic ability.

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I think he done a terrific job always balancing that. He made sure he got his two cents in and he give you his opinion, without mixing it up with a message from the athlete. But when talking about Elliott, he was decidedly warm and effusive.. Regarding Christoph Eschenbach and seeing that your wife probably knows him to some degree, maybe she can get him on the horn and find out what up with EMI seeming refusal to not release on CD (for the first time) the three remaining Beethoven sonatas he recorded for the company. Have you heard Eschenbach The opening movement has got to be the slowest ever recorded, and I find it absolutely jaw dropping. It unbelievable that this sonata has never been released on CD (the other two in the can are Op 13 and Op 26)..

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