“That’s the only place you can shop for most everything you need,” said Marlina Fol, a caregiver in Manhattan, who said she was able to buy masks and hand sanitizer from Amazon in early March but now struggles to get a window for grocery delivery from Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired two years ago. Prime members, who pay $129 a year to get practically anything shipped to them in up to two days. That accounts for half of American households.

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Bio signal processing has been performed by extracting EMG features exploiting entropy and statistical moments, in addition to developing an iterative pulse peak detection algorithm using synchrosqueezed wavelet transform (SSWT) for reliable extraction of heart rate and breathing related features from ECG. A deep learning framework has been designed to incorporate EMG and ECG features. The framework has been used to classify four groups: healthy subjects, patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), patients with restless leg syndrome (RLS) and patients with both OSA and RLS.

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