Not two individuals are the same, and as a result, it is highly unfair to say that we do not value education. I am an educated Latina. I teach children and so, I am teaching the next generation, hopefully to be more curious and to have a desire to learn and have an open mind as many of my generation do not.

canada goose outlet jackets Its current discredited indigenisation policy should be change to one that is focussed on creating new manufacturing companies, skills and technology transfer. Given the collapse of the state in many areas, the country will have to encourage SMMEs, with Zimbabweans manufacturing products currently not readily available.SMMEs and small farmers must be linked to the supply chains of state companies and foreign investors, based on merit, rather than political connections or ethnicity. There has to be greater political will to tackle corruption to restore business confidence. canada goose outlet jackets

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goose outlet canada 730: On 31 July, 2019, 730 reported that Teachers Health refused to pay for a patient’s breast reconstruction after cancer treatment because it was deemed a cosmetic procedure. Teachers Health has informed the ABC that it did not refuse to pay, but that it sought further information from the patient, and when that information was provided it covered the cost of the procedure in keeping with the patient’s cover. Furthermore, the patient’s complaint to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman concerned a dispute with Teachers Health over the cover of a portion of her IVF treatment goose outlet canada.

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